Breeze Care - A Complete Cooling Solutions

We are established from June 2009 for HVAC and manufacturing of Cold Storage, Cold Room, Cold Room Panel, Commercial AC Installation & Services across pan India.

It is a combined venture of leading and experience in cold room projects, installations, maintenance, servicing the company leads it roots from basic cold room banana repining chambers, there by bringing a unique approach to cater the requirement of our client, as we lead business.
Our strong belief and value define what we stand for determine for how we work, we provide customer with a full design and installation packages for any type cold rooms specially banana ripening chambers and meat and fish storage chamber our team members and planners will handle all technical issues to ensure that our work is completed to a professional and high standards.

Our commitment is to consistently exceed customers' expectations, quality, on-time delivery and earn trust & respect of our clients and peers. The Company is engaged in the business of providing customized cooling solutions to diverse set of clients across wide range of industries by manufacturing and supplying high quality refrigeration products & equipment.

Why Cold Storage ?

  • Cold Storage is a special kind of room, the temperature of which is kept very low with the help of machines as they prolong the life and help prevent spoilage of foods.

  • India is having a unique geographical position and a wide range of soil thus producing variety of fruits and vegetables like apples, banana , grapes, oranges, potatoes, chilies, ginger, etc.

  • Marine products are also being produced in large quantities due to large coastal areas. The present production level of fruits and vegetables is more than 100 million MT and keeping in view the growth rate of population and demand, the production of perishable commodities is increasing every year.

  • Besides the role of stabilizing market prices and evenly distributing both on demand basis and time basis, the cold storage industry renders other advantages and benefits to both the farmers and the consumers.

  • The farmers get opportunity of producing cash crops to get remunerative prices. The consumers get the supply of perishable commodities with lower fluctuation of prices.

  • Commercially apples, banana ,potatoes, oranges are stored on large scale in the cold storages. Other important costly raw materials like dry fruits, chemicals, essences and processed foods like fruit juice/pulp.

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